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:: Playing Your Position ::

Positional play is very important in Texas Hold'em. Understanding and using your position effectively can be very important in becoming a better player.

The three positions following the dealer's button starting with the little blind poster are considered the 'early' positions. In the early position you should play tighter than usual because you never know what your opponents are going to do, any raise on a marginal hand could be re-raised by someone else around the table causing you to lose your bet.

The next few positions around the table are considered 'middle' positions. You can be a little looser on these hands because you get to see how the people before you are going to bet before you make your decisions but remeber there are still people after you who could re-raise your bets.

The person on the button and the few people right before him are considered to be 'in position' or in a 'late' position. This is the most advantageous of positions because after the flop,turn and river you get to see how everyone is going to bet before you make your desicions. The key to playing late position is to USE the information you get from players before you.

Some people seem to think that being in position means they can play 7-2 offsuit and try to force everyone out by betting hard ... this is NOT the case and I highly recommend you don't try that. While being in position allows you to play marginally weaker hands than I would recomend playing in the earlier positions I would not recommend playing complete crap hands.


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