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:: Types of Players ::

The ass is exactly that, an ass. He likes to talk and taunt people and he loves to try to push people out of pots by over betting them.

He is annoying because he'll bet hard on pots that you want to stay in with a mediocre hand and you won't know whether he's just pushing it with nothing or if he has a strong hand unless you've picked up some kind of read on him.

The best thing you can do against the ass is be smart. Watch him and try to pick up on signs he gives off when he is bluffing or when he actually has something. This can be difficult because he bets so hard that some people rarely want to call him. When you have a strong hand don't be afraid to bet right back at him and put him on the defensive, he'll never want to back down because then others will start raising back at him as well. (either that or he'll say something stupid like .. aww man, you must have blah blah 'the nuts' and back down acting like he had a great hand)

Whatever you do, do NOT play into the ass's game. Don't let him affect you emotionally because he wants you to bet back at him with a mediocre hand while he's holding something strong.

The ATM is great fun as long as you're getting decent cards. He'll call everything all the way to the river and he'll call at the river even if all he has is low pair.

The best way to play the ATM is to just let him do his thing, you can play more cards and weaker hands against him because he plays weaker hands. Bet at a bit higher than normal level when its just you and him because you know he'll call just about anything.

WARNING: Whatever you do, do NOT try to stone-cold bluff the ATM. He is liable to call anything even with just a low pair.

The Ox can be a very frustrating type of player. He'll sit at the table for hours on end and only play one or two hands. If you end up at a table with too many oxen, request a table change, unless you enjoy activites such as ... trying to squeeze orange juice from a rock.

Fortunately, in tournaments they'll eventually just blind or ante themselves to death.

When you do find yourself playing against an ox, be wary, they rarely bluff. They are, however, very protective of their chips so sometimes you can push them out of a pot by over-betting them. However, they are so selective that lots of times when they're in a pot they ALREADY have the nuts so be wary.

The Dog is exactly that, man's best friend. He'll chat with everyone and be friendly and even with a royal flush he would never even think of raising the pot against someone when he's going head-to-head.

Use your own discretion against the Dog, if you want to be nice to him then thats great, personally I have no problem raising, re-raising and check-raising him, he may take it personally and start actually playing when he is in a pot against me but, hey, thats what I'm there for!

The Monkey is a strange creature. He loves to talk almost as much as the Ass but he is always trying to show how good he is. He always has a comment to make about a hand.

He thinks he knows all the odds, and he gets angry at anyone who goes against those odds and wins a hand. In fact most of the time, him and whoever sits next to him are the 'only ones who know what their doing' ... everyone else is just getting lucky.

The best thing you can do against the Monkey is listen to him. The things he says will give you valuable insight into how he plays his hands. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to make a bet against the odds against the Monkey because if you catch something on it they rarely believe that you would have stayed in on a hand like that so you can jack it up and make a lot out of it, make sure its enough to offset other times you go against the odds against him and lose or you'll end up in the hole!.

Most of the truly good poker players are pumas. The puma is one sneaky bastard, sometimes he'll be hiding in the shadows waiting to pounce, and other times he'll be out in the open strutting his stuff.

He can usually pretend to be any type of player he wants and then change in the snap of a finger. He'll throw away money on a weak hand to make you think he's loose and next time you call him in a huge pot he'll have the nuts.

You'll have to watch the puma closely during every hand and try to pick up some kind of read on his hands.

To beat the Puma you have to play truly exceptional poker. You too need to be able to change gears and represent various types of players just like he does.

For more information on this please continue to Flippin the Switches.


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