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:: The Eyes ::

It is as they've always said, the eyes truly are the window to our soul. You'll find that many top level poker players will wear sunglasses in order to keep their eyes from giving anything away.

Here are some common tells the eyes can give:
1. People have a tendency to stare at large hole cards longer than smaller ones.
2. If a flop comes out strong in one particular suit some people may look back at their hole cards ... usually this is because they're unsuited and checking to see if they have any of it.
3. If the flop comes out and a person's eyes go straight to their chips ... usually they caught something and they're deciding how much to bet.
4. Someone who is lying or bluffing usually has a harder time looking you straight in the eye.
5. When someone lies the eyes have a tendency to move down and to the left. This is a by-product of accessing a certain 'creative' portion of the brain as opposed to glancing up and to the right when someone is accessing the more analytical portion of their brain.

Pay attention for these details and maybe you can hone in on a good read for a particular person, but, as with everything else in poker ... be careful! Anything can be trained to give misleading tells.


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