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:: Proper Breathing ::

I'm sure we all know that we need to breath to survive. Not many people, however, realize how often throughout the day their breathing patterns can change and how this can affect your physiology. I wrote earlier and at length about the physiology involved in adrenaline ... this page and the one about mindfulness is where you can find ways to counter that.

Most people don't recognize how their breathing can change in a stressful or exciting situation. Some people actually can go to the extremes of hyperventalation but for most it is a lot more subtle. A good way to stop your hands from shaking when you're excited or nervous is to breath properly. Proper breathing ensures that you won't over or under oxygenate your muscles which causes those sorts of side-effects.

Proper breathing is steady and slow, it comes in gently through the nasal passage and fills your diaphram (not your chest!) and then goes slowly out again. An excersise I like to use to train breathing goes like this. When you first start, lie on your back, close your eyes and just concentrate on breathing properly. Do this for ten minutes or so every day. Eventually, once you're confortable doing that, you can sit up a little and do the same excersise, and you continue sitting up a little more and a little more until you can do the excersise standing, walking ... pretty much whenever. It really works!

For more on breathing properly here are some links to some great books that can help you with your breathing. Breathing Books

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